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Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of our offerings and services available right here in Penticton. If you require something not listed – just ask! If we don’t offer it we’d be happy to provide you with a recommendation through one of our trusted partners. 

What We Do Best 


We much prefer to prevent dental disease and offer a range of services to help you and your family maintain good oral health more easily. Preventative treatments include basic periodontal services with an emphasis on dental hygiene visits.


A white, healthy smile looks attractive and youthful, and tooth whitening is a procedure that bleaches teeth, removing deep-seated stains. Treatment is effective and safe and is one of our most frequently requested services.


Endodontics or root canal therapy is a treatment of last resort that can save a severely infected tooth, eliminating the infection, preserving your tooth and preventing the need for extraction. 

Crowns & Bridges

A crown is sometimes called a cap because it ‘caps’ or covers a tooth entirely. A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth that were originally side by side. It consists of crowns fitted over the teeth adjacent to the gap.


A dental implant replaces a tooth artificially and usually has a titanium post or screw inserted surgically into the jawbone and replicates the tooth root.  We can use a dental implant to replace a single missing tooth.


When a tooth is decayed (dental caries), it creates a cavity or hole in a tooth that must be restored. Filling a tooth seals the cavity, preventing further decay and infection while restoring strength, structure and appearance.

Extended Offerings


Natural teeth often have small imperfections that can mar an otherwise attractive smile. Dental bonding can create a more cosmetically perfect appearance, hiding any small chips, cracks or stained teeth.

Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are radiographic images that are extremely useful in allowing us to visualize areas hidden from the naked eye, including the contact areas between teeth, tooth roots, and the location of teeth yet to erupt.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry uses laser energy to cut hard and soft tissues more comfortably and more accurately, with fewer side-effects and faster healing.


Good nutrition is the basis for overall health, including oral health. We’re happy to help make recommendations that are tailored to you.


Microdentistry uses a surgical microscope to magnify a specific area of the mouth, allowing us to practice more minimally invasive, conservative and precise dentistry.

Dental Surgery

Dental surgery covers surgical procedures performed in dental offices that can help correct dental issues or improve oral health. Our team here at Winnipeg Street Dental can perform several types of dental surgeries safely.


Sedation dentistry is the use of sedatives to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your treatment. The level of sedation provided can be customized to suit your requirements.

Emergency Visits

A dental emergency includes issues such as toothache, chipping or breaking a tooth, or knocking or partially dislodging a tooth. If you’re in Penticton and need help – call us!

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