Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry uses laser energy to cut hard and soft tissues more comfortably and more accurately, with fewer side-effects and faster healing. A laser creates light energy focused in a very narrow beam, which produces a reaction when it hits hard or soft tissues, allowing practitioners to shape the tissue or remove it. Laser dentistry is extremely useful and can be used in a wide range of dental treatments.

Safe. Comfortable. Precise. 

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

Our principal dentist, Dr. Roger Harrington, was the first dentist in BC to begin using a dental laser back in the mid-1980s. He is extremely experienced in using a dental laser, and treatment is very safe. Winnipeg Street Dental has one of the most advanced lasers available today, the WaterLase® laser that combines a gentle spray of water with the laser energy for a more comfortable experience. 

When Might I Need Laser Dentistry?

We use laser dentistry in many different ways, often utilizing it in conjunction with crown, implant and other surgical procedures where it is necessary to cut bone, tooth or gum tissue. If you have a slightly gummy smile, where you show an excess of gum whenever you smile and talk, a dental laser can remove it precisely, allowing us to re-contour your gums carefully. Laser dentistry is very useful when treating gum disease. It effectively treats cold sores, especially when you receive treatment within the first 72 hours of the cold sore’s appearance. Laser dentistry can help halt the progression of the cold sore, so it heals more quickly and comfortably.

What Are the Advantages of Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is quieter than a dental drill, and treatment is often quicker. It is a very gentle treatment, and you may not need a local anesthetic. The laser beam is extremely precise, allowing us to remove only diseased tissues, leaving more healthy tissue intact. As the laser cuts, any small blood vessels are sealed so that healing is quicker and more comfortable with less swelling. There may be no need for stitches and the risk of infection is lower. The laser energy also helps to sterilize treated areas, for example, when treating gum disease. Eliminating harmful bacteria that cause gum disease more effectively helps us to control this disease more easily.

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