Dental Surgery

Dental surgery covers surgical procedures performed in dental offices that can help correct dental issues or improve oral health. Our Penticton team here at Winnipeg Street Dental can perform several dental surgeries safely. These include routine tooth extractions, some gum surgeries and biopsies, and removing minor tumours or growths inside (intraoral) the mouth. 

Surgical Procedures

Tooth Extractions

Although we try hard to save natural teeth, sometimes it is better to remove a failing tooth. Wisdom teeth may need removing if they become impacted and cannot erupt properly, most often due to a lack of space in the jawbone. Most tooth extractions are performed painlessly using a local anesthetic. The actual procedure is quite quick, and afterwards, we will provide lots of useful information on how to care for the surgery site while the empty socket heals.

Gum Surgery

Gum or periodontal surgery is used to treat the gum tissues supporting teeth. We may choose to use our dental laser when treating gums, as the laser can remove or reshape soft tissues very accurately and more comfortably. Gum surgery may be appropriate if you have infected gums (periodontal disease), as the laser can remove tissues too badly damaged to heal while leaving healthy gum intact. Usefully, the dental laser helps to sterilize treated areas, so your gums can fight the infection more effectively. Gum recontouring is a more cosmetic form of gum surgery, precisely reshaping gums to create a more cosmetically please appearance. 

Biopsies and Minor Intraoral Tumours

Sometimes it is necessary to take a small tissue sample from the mouth to send for further analysis or remove minor tumours or growths. We often perform this surgery using our dental laser. The laser will only remove a tiny section of tissue, leaving the healthy tissue intact. Often there is no need for stitches, and healing is more comfortable and quicker.

“Venous lakes”, those blue spots in lips can be removed with no scarring

Oral Surgery Referrals

Some dental surgeries are more complex, such as tooth extractions close to nerves or other vital structures or when a patient has a more complicated medical history. When this is the case, we want you to receive the best and safest dental care available and will refer you to a certified oral surgeon, who will be someone we fully trust to take care of you.

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