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Dear Prospective Patient,

Thank you for looking at our web page. I’m sure you’ve already looked at a bewildering assortment of dental web pages trying to sort out what’s really going on. If it’s O’darke Thirty in the morning and your tooth is throbbing, my heart goes out to you cuz nothing is as nasty as a toothache. If you’ve got swelling, fever , and severe pain, going to emergency at PRH might be a good call to at least get some pain meds and antibiotics. You will need to see a dentist as these are symptoms only a dentist can help you with. If you need help, call our office number
250-770-0175, even on weekends. The recordings are swept regularly thru the day.

If your search is less urgent but you’re thoughtfully searching for a new dental home, can I offer you a few thoughts? First, the newer medical/dental treatment models are symptom oriented. What this means is that healthcare professionals are treating the symptoms of your problem but frequently NOT addressing the cause(s). This means that you’ll be seeking treatment for the same problems for the rest of your or your teeth’s life. This is very good for the health care system and Big Pharma. For you? It stinks.

Yes, we have all the cool toys for fixing teeth, including surgical microscope and lasers and “Go-Fast’ drills. And no, I’m not going to tell you that we don’t use needles. Yes, I give painless injections. In short, we have the technology to fix your acute problems.

Ultimately what you and I want to focus on, is dealing with the cause(s) of your dental disease if it’s there and helping you avoid treatment over the long run. There’s MUCH more to maintaining good dental and overall health besides “Brushing and Flossing”. In a similar fashion, the medical community has been saying”Eat less and move more” in order to maintain general health and slender waistlines. Fifty years of research and any casual observation shows this is failing, dismally. Next time you’re at the hospital, take a look at the healthcare staff. The majority are overweight! Similarly, dental decay is now the largest infectious disease epidemic sweeping North America. Not surprisingly, both phenomena are related! My invitation to you is to give us a call so we might help you out.

Not interested in making lifestyle changes? We’re fine with that too. We just believe that you should be made aware of ALL of your options so you can choose wisely.

Yours truly,

Roger S Harrington DDS


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